Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Athenea

Does Athenea need a Data Scientist to manage the tool?

No. Athenea can be managed by any business profile, not necessarily with a technnical background.

Is data needed at an individual user level?

No, Athenea only needs aggregated data, not user-level data

Can Athenea explain offline sales as well as online sales?

Yes, the model can explain separately online sales and offline sales. Also it can explain sales aggregatedly (online + offline)

Can Athenea explain the cross-channel effect (impact of digital into offline sales)?

Yes, Athenea can offer these results.


Can other variables apart from sales be modeled?

Yes. Some examples are visits, app downloads, leads, etc.

How detailed data is needed?
We recommend a minimum of weekly detail data (daily data is even better, if available)
Can an MMM model be calibrated?
Yes, through geolift experiments in refreshing periods.